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Most people’s immediate reaction when water starts filling your shower or sink is probably to assume it’s due to jumbles of hair in your drain. Surprisingly, hair is not the most common culprit that causes blocked-up pipes.  These 15 common causes of a clogged drain may surprise you. Fortunately, we have some helpful tips for...


Being comfortable in your home is important and at MVP Air Conditioning, Heating & Electric we understand this. Our team strives to create an experience that leaves you feeling comfortable, both mentally and physically. Staying warm or cold depending on the season is important. As we approach winter we are hoping that we all can...


Summer is winding down here in Kansas and you’ve made it through another season with your air conditioning system. It’s easiest to just turn off your system as the weather cools down and forget about it until next spring. While this is the easy route, it isn’t the smart route. You need to think about...

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