Air ConditioningAC Installation Is Not a DIY Job!

September 3, 2018


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We don’t condone anyone to do their own, DIY air conditioning installation. You might be thinking, “Of course not, because how would you make any money?”

True. It is our job, after all. But mostly, we’re worried about the extra time and money it will cost you after the fact. Many homeowners who embark on these DIY installations don’t realize how many things can possibly go wrong in an AC installation—and it’s not always apparent at first.

The experience of a professional HVAC contractor can recognize a good installation when they see one, and it’s what gives them the confidence to guarantee a job well done. However, we can’t say the same for amateur installations. We’ll give you a few reasons why DIY doesn’t work out the way you think it would.

1. Incorrectly Sized Unit

The first mistake we see from DIY air condition installations is the size of the unit. It’s not surprising, because even certified HVAC contractors can make this mistake if they aren’t careful.

Sizing an AC unit is a process that relies not just on calculations, but on experience and logical reasoning. First, you have to measure the square footage of the home to determine the proper tonnage of the AC. But if you go by this, alone, you’ll likely over- or under-size the AC.

On top of tonnage, you also need to consider the general climate of the area, the number of windows in the home, the amount of shade or direct sunlight the home receives, and more.

Undersized units are unable to cool the entire home, meaning they’ll run continuously. Oversized units cool too quickly and will cause the unit to short-cycle.

2. Unreasonable Expectations

Homeowners resort to DIY when they’re looking to save money. But if what you’re looking for is a properly functioning air conditioner at a phenomenally low price, it’s just not feasible.

A Google search for “DIY air conditioner” will result in all kinds of contraptions, but at best, they’ll only function for a single room and have none of the convenience and functionality of a real air conditioner.

If you’re trying to install a real air conditioner on your own and not one of these DIY projects, that’s covered in the next point.

3. Poor Workmanship = More Costs Later On

If you’re a handyman in your spare time, we don’t mean to criticize you or your craftsmanship. But we there is a good reason why HVAC contractors need to be certified to perform AC system installation in Kansas City. There’s just too many things that can go wrong in a poor installation, and it will only cost you more money in the long run when you have to call someone in for repairs.

The problem, however, is not just that it might require repairs—even air conditioners installed by professionals need occasional repairs. The problem is that a poor installation will most likely need additional work on top of the repairs.

We understand the temptation to install your own AC … After all, we made it our job! Contact MVP Electric, Heating & Cooling today for an estimate.

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