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August 18, 2018


Looking to Save Money?

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Now that we are in the hottest months of the year, have your summer energy bills gone sky high? It would be unbearable to go without AC in this muggy Missouri heat, but you can take measures to identify problems and lower your consumption. If you are seeing pricey bills, one of these reasons listed below is most likely the culprit.

1. You’ve Got an Old Air Conditioning System

If your AC unit is creeping up to the age where it could get a driver’s license, it’s probably too old! Running an old unit can cost you more than you think. Even if you’ve taken all the necessary precautions and flawlessly maintained your AC system, time inevitably does deteriorate the quality of your cooling. Instead of continually making repairs to your existing unit, invest the money and replace your old unit.

2. You Haven’t Maintained the Unit

Have you procrastinated when it comes to scheduling routine HVAC servicing? It’s most likely your AC probably isn’t functioning at 100% capacity anymore. Routine maintenance is important. High energy bills arise when your AC is working overtime because it hasn’t had the necessary tune-ups. A visit from a tech can keep your AC up to par.

3. You’ve Got Bad Insulation

You can have the best AC system in the world, but if your insulation is lackluster, then all the cool air will escape. Bad insulation can cause homeowners to lower temperatures or run their AC for longer, thinking this will solve the problem. If your insulation is inadequate, it will be impossible for your AC to function well.

4. Faulty Parts

If your HVAC system has a motor, compressor, or any other part struggling to perform, this can cause a spike in an energy bill. A faulty part will cause your system to become less efficient, which makes it much harder to cool your home. This drop in efficiency is most likely reflected in the rise in your bill.

5. Failing AC Ducts

If your ducts are disconnected, torn, or blocked in any manner, this is probably affecting the air flow. It is very easy for ducts to become blocked over time because of dust and debris, which can compromise the integrity of the AC.

6. Your Air Filter Needs to Be Replaced

HVAC owners often forget they should regularly replace their air filter. The more the temperature rises, the more important it becomes to replace your air filter, Debris builds up in this filter, and if the filter isn’t replaced, it restricts the airflow, causing the system to take longer to cool.

Going Forward

These simple solutions can help greatly improve the air flow throughout your home. If you use some of these steps and still do not see the desired improvements to your AC system, then you may need more extensive servicing. Contact our excellent team at MVP Electric, Heating & Cooling for AC repair in Kansas City.

We’ll keep your AC running high and your bills low! Contact MVP Electric, Heating & Cooling today to schedule a service.

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