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April 3, 2017


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Kansas weather is rarely predictable, but we certainly know when winter has turned to spring. Soon enough, another blazing hot summer will be upon us, and when combined with our often-stifling humidity, it can turn your home into a sauna in a very short amount of time. You need your air conditioner to work every day without fail when the mercury starts to climb, which means now is the best time to get it properly checked and serviced.

What Is Regular Maintenance?

Most people assume that when an air conditioning technician visits their home, it’s to do repairs. Maintenance is a bit different, however. While repairs usually entail a specific problem in need of correction, maintenance is more akin to an inspection and tune-up. The technician will check for signs of problems that have not yet manifested but which might do so in the near future. They will also take care of all of those little details that don’t merit a repair call on their own, but which can add up to trouble if they aren’t addressed: loose bolts, clogged filters, worn fittings, low refrigerant levels, and similar items. We recommend maintenance at least once a year before summer begins.

What Are the Benefits of Regular Spring Maintenance?

There are a number of benefits to spring maintenance, helping to offset the cost of the inspection and tune-up as well as improving the performance of your system overall. They include:

  • An early jump on repairs. By spotting repair issues before they cause a breakdown, you have a chance to address them in a timely fashion, according to your schedule. Early repairs also tend to cost less, since the damage invariably grows worse when you wait.
  • Improved performance. Addressing little issues like loose fittings helps the system perform more efficiently. It will thus use less energy to cool the home and your monthly bills will go down accordingly. Furthermore, the overall wear and tear on the system will be reduced, and the strain lessened: lowering the chances of a breakdown further down the line.
  • When applied regularly over a long period of time, regular maintenance can help improve the longevity of your air conditioner, allowing it to last months or even years past the expiration of the warranty and enabling you to get the most out of an expensive and important investment.

Why Have Maintenance Now?

Spring is the ideal time to schedule maintenance, in part because your air conditioner has likely sat unused for months, gathering dust and allowing existing problems to fester. Furthermore, if more extensive repairs are needed, you have time to address them according to your schedule instead of scrambling in the face of a sudden breakdown just when a big heat wave hits. Finally, maintenance done now means that your air conditioner is ready to go at the first sign of summer, and you can rest easy knowing that your system will perform the way you need it to.

For quality air conditioning maintenance in Overland Park, KS, call on MVP Electric, Heating & Cooling.

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