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July 31, 2020


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Valued Customers,

We are on the back half of summer and it’s been very hot! And, you haven’t been able to enjoy some of the events that we typically look forward to over the summer. This year has been different than most and that has meant that we have been able to spend more time indoors and with family. We have noticed that our customer’s are taking on projects to enhance certain areas of the home as well as products that can also create a better at home experience. But, before we get into that, let’s discuss the basics to ensure you air is blowing as cool as it can. First, make sure that you are changing that filter regularly. And old, dirty filter is one of the most common reasons that we see systems freeze up or slow down air flow. Next, ensure that all your return vents are free of obstructions. The most common obstruction we see regarding the return vents is furniture that has been placed in front limiting proper air flow. These are just a few remedies that you try before having to call a professional to come help.

A product that we will highlight this month is the Reme Halo LED. This is new to market and we are already hearing great things about it. The bulb is mounted into the supply duct work of your system as is activating in conjunction with the blower motor.  It uses Reflective Electro Magnetic Energy (REME) to produce Hydro-Peroxide plasma, producing the same effects lightning does in nature. The plasma travels through the air ducts and into conditioned spaces throughout your home to create cleaner more pure air. Rather than merely filtering out air as it’s drawn into your HVAC system, the plasma will waft throughout your home, actively removing pollutants and germs within 3 feet of their source. It also forces small particles to coagulate, making it easier for your existing filter to catch and remove pollutants from the circulating air. It can also do a tremendous job eliminating and controlling pet odors.

Enjoy your home and a feeling of comfort both mentally and physically.
Aaron Hosack
MVP Air Conditioning, Heating & Electric

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