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July 24, 2017


Looking to Save Money?

Here are a few ways we can help:

Kansas summers are blazingly hot, with healthy amounts of mugginess and humidity thrown in for good measure. A reliable air conditioner is as important as electricity and running water in those circumstances. Going without it can make your household miserable at best, and it may even become a health hazard at worst. That means you need your air conditioner to run for many long hours, and to a certain extent, you need to be prepared to accept higher monthly bills regardless of what steps you take.

But those high bills can often hide unnecessary costs, and while you will be paying more for your air conditioner during the summer, make sure you’re not paying more than is absolutely necessary. You can take a number of steps to lower your AC bills this summer. Some of them involve upgrades to your system which may require the services of a professional. Others, however, can be easily implemented by homeowners on their own (and indeed, you may already be practicing some of them yourself).


Small steps can be taken immediately and don’t require more than the most modest investments in money and time. They can include things like setting the thermostats a little higher than you normally would, or wearing lightweight clothes indoors. In addition, consider these as potential options:

  • Setting the Timer. Many people run their air conditioners all day in an empty house instead of coming home to a hot home and cooling it down from there. This is based on the fallacious assumption that it costs more to cool a hot home than to prevent it from warming up in the daytime. Instead, set your thermostat timer to turn the system on 15 minutes before the first family member is expected home. It will save you a huge amount on unnecessary costs.
  • Open up the House. The temperature drops a great deal after the sun goes down. If the weather is clear, open up the windows at night and run the fan instead of the air conditioner. You’ll stay cool and the bills will stay under control.


More formal upgrades to your system require the services of a professional. Once installed, however, they can not only save you significant amounts on monthly bills, but they will likely last for the entire length of the air conditioners life in many cases. They can include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Zone Control Systems. Zone controls divide your ducts into sections, and allow you to heat and cool different parts of your home independently of the others. That also means you can turn off the air conditioning in parts of the home you aren’t using while still running it in occupied parts of the home, saving you a great deal of money in the process.
  • New Thermostat. Older digital thermostats are designed to last a long time, but they lack the features that newer models do. Smart thermostats can make adjustments based on local conditions and your own cooling habits to shave a great deal of money off of your monthly bills.

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