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May 13, 2019


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Uh oh… it’s already time for air conditioning maintenance! But don’t worry, AC maintenance isn’t anything to be scared about.

However, we do like to give it special attention just after winter. Not only is it easy to forget to schedule your maintenance tune-up, but there’s also the fact that neglecting maintenance is one of the worst ways to begin the air conditioning season.

In this post, we’ll explain why now is the best time for air conditioning maintenance, as well as why it’s in your best interest not to neglect it.

You Can’t Be Too Early for Maintenance

There’s really no such thing as getting an AC tune-up too early. However, we understand how unreasonable it might sound to insist on getting your tune-up at the start of winter. That’s why we suggest having your maintenance performed right after the end of winter. And that’s for a few reasons:

  • The heat of spring and summer hasn’t picked up yet, meaning you won’t have to wait in the heat while your system is inspected.
  • Maintenance now will assure that our system is efficient for its first day of use—no need to pay extra for an inefficient system.
  • If it turns out that your system is old and needs replacement, you’ll have plenty of time to research your options for a new unit.

If you wait until after you start running your AC to decide that it indeed needs maintenance, you’ll be doing yourself a disservice in the end, and that can include paying more to run an inefficient system.

Maintenance Saves You More Than It Costs

If you have any objection to getting maintenance for your air conditioner, it’s most likely because you see it as an unnecessary cost.

Why not just wait until my air conditioner has an actual problem, and then call in for repairs?

We understand the logic: “Don’t fix what isn’t broken.” At the same time, this logic is dangerous for several reasons:

1. Air conditioners rarely break down with no warning

Typically, their repair issues come from a small problem that has gradually gotten worse until it results in a breakdown. These small issues are just the kind of thing that maintenance is good at catching.

2. You won’t know the cost of the repair issue until it happens

You can budget for maintenance, but you can’t budget for a broken compressor. The cost of AC repair in Kansas City is often going to be much more expensive than the maintenance cost, especially if it involves replacing parts.

3. You’ll be spending more money in operational costs until it’s tuned-up

Before that breakdown finally does happen, you’ll be running your air conditioner at less than 100%. And that means you’ll be running the air conditioner longer than usual, contributing to more wear and tear and more money spent on cooling.

Is it time for an air conditioning maintenance check? We can get you started right this season! Contact MVP Electric, Heating & Cooling today to schedule a service. Relax… It’s MVP!

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