Air ConditioningTips for Installing Ductless AC Systems

June 26, 2017


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Ductless cooling systems and other types of alternate air conditioning can be a huge benefit to the right home. There are a fair number of households in our area built before the advent of air conditioning, or otherwise unable to support the ducts required by a central air conditioning system. Ductless mini-splits get around that issue, as well as allowing for a finer level of control over the cooling power in your house. Not only can you set different temperatures in different parts of the home to suit your tastes, but by turning off the air in unused parts of the home while running it in inhabited parts, you can cut down on your cooling bills considerably.

All of this benefits from a proper installation when you’re first putting a ductless system into your home. That takes proper training and licensing to perform–never attempt to install ductless air conditioning on your own–but it also takes preparation with your technician to get all of the details right. Every home is unique and the better you understand the needs of your home, the more readily your ductless AC can respond to those needs. Here’s a list of a few tips to help you determine the specifics of ductless AC installation.

  1. Know Your Routine. Every home has a daily routine, which likely shifts a bit on the weekends. That will determine which parts of the home see the most use during the day, and which parts sit empty when the heat index is at its highest. That may influence the size and power levels of a given ductless unit in each part of your home, as well as how many overall units may be required.
  2. Upstairs Units. Upstairs rooms don’t always see as much activity in the heat of the day as downstairs rooms. Bedrooms and similar locations are rarely used during the day when family members are at work or school, and only see activity at night when the air is cooler. (This can vary a great deal by individual household, however.) At the same time, hot air rises, which means that upstairs rooms tend to be warmer than downstairs rooms. This can require more powerful units upstairs, though it should be balanced against the potential lack of overall use.
  3. Placement is Key. Each unit needs to be placed to maximize its cooling power and give you the best value for the energy spent, especially during the heat of summer. That means carefully examining your home for things like drafts and sunlight exposure. Rooms adjacent to an outside wall may need different placement than rooms in the interior of the home, and those with a cross breeze or similar feature should have that accounted for in the placement of the unit. That also extends to the placement of the compressor unit outside your home. It can make noise when it runs, just like the outdoor compressor for a centralized unit, and you want to make sure the noise won’t disrupt your home.

Here in Prairie Village, KS, ductless cooling systems can be installed by the pros at MVP Electric, Heating & Cooling.

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