ElectricalConsiderations When Installing a Flat-Screen TV

March 20, 2017


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Flat-screen TVs have revolutionized home entertainment over the last few years: eliminating the need for giant, bulky box TVs and providing movie-theater conditions right in your own home. Advances in the field have made flat-screen TVs easier to afford than ever, and anyone who wants to kick back and watch their favorite movie, binge on a beloved TV show, or just cheer for the Jayhawks as they make another NCAA tournament appearance would do well to add one to their home.

But like so many appliances, flat-screen TVs need to be set up carefully, in order to make the most from their features and ensure that you benefit from everything your new set has to offer. A trained electrician can provide sound advice and perform a quality installation to help make that happen. Here are a few tips to keep in mind before you proceed.

Secure the Unit

One of the benefits of flat-screen TVs is that they’re, well, flat. That frees up a lot of space and renders them able to be moved much more easily, but it can cause them to tip over if they’re not secured. You can use strapping to secure the unit to the wall, but we often recommend wall mounting, which frees up further space and provides strong support for the TV. Wall mounting requires a few specifics, however, which is why you should use a trained electrician to conduct the operation every time.

  • Strength and security. The wall itself needs to be able to support the weight of the TV comfortably, which usually means securing it to support beams and similar sturdy structures instead of just drywall.
  • No fireplaces. You should usually avoid mounting the TV above the fireplace, in part because it will compete for attention while you’re trying to watch the television. More importantly, however, the heat from the fire could easily damage the TV or mounting components, and an improper mounting could damage the chimney as well.
  • Proper mounts. It’s usually preferable to spend a little extra money on sturdy mounting equipment and ensure that you’re using it as intended. That will keep it in place regardless of any bumps or brushes it may have to endure.

Consider Wiring

Some TVs offer wireless options, allowing them to link to nearby computers and accessories without the help of wires or cables. But every TV requires power at the very minimum which means running a cable to the nearest outlet, and possible a great deal of other cables as well. You need a plan for covering them, both for aesthetic reasons (no one likes looking at a big black bundle of cables) and safety features (what if the cable runs across a doorway or somewhere else?). In some cases, the technician can run the wires behind the wall, eliminating the problem. Other options can include using runners along the wall, bundling cables, and even installing a new electrical outlet near the spot.

For quality workmanship and advice when installing a flat-screen TV here in Olathe, KS, call upon MVP Electric, Heating & Cooling.

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