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May 1, 2017


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Every home is a castle, and as a homeowner, you have a right and a duty to keep your family as safe as possible. A good security system can help with that immeasurably, including the installation of security cameras both inside and outside your house. A trained security expert can help with this, setting up cameras that benefit your particular needs the most and ensuring that they’re always running as expected.

What Are the Benefits?

Security cameras serve as your eyes and ears for your property without having to leave or move a single location. Everyone’s familiar with the movie cliché of the security guard looking at a huge bank of cameras to spot the intruder. Technological advancements have made this a reality for residential homes as well as big companies. Camera feeds can now be stored on DVRs and similar devices, able to be reviewed from tablets and home computers. This provides you with peace of mind and the ability to investigate odd occurrences in your home—whether it’s a burglar or just a raccoon—without having to stumble around in the dark and put yourself at risk. Such cameras also allow you to check in on your home when you’re on vacation and respond quickly to any problems.

Features and Placement Are Key

The specifics of your property play a huge role when it comes to camera security. Cameras are small and can be located nearly anywhere you wish, but you need to place them where they will do the maximum good with the minimum amount of space. Canny technicians will look for “choke points” in your home such as the hallways, stairs, and central spots like the living room. Intruders need to pass through those areas to reach other parts of the house, which makes them ideal for camera placement. Similarly, outdoor cameras need to be placed so as to either cover the widest swaths of your property possible or focus on various entries to the home to protect it.

Outdoor cameras must be waterproof and weather-resistant, and both indoor and outdoor cameras should feature night vision if possible. Ideally, the cameras would all be wired, too. Wireless cameras can solve logistical problems, but are easier to hack and can be knocked out of commission more regularly, or even disrupt your home’s Internet service in some cases. Indeed, security cameras can be hacked quite easily if your system isn’t ready for it, so make sure you have up-to-date technology and that your passwords are changed regularly.

Maintenance and Upgrades Are a Good Idea

Advancing technology also demonstrates the benefits of having a trained team at your service for upgrading your camera system. As newer and more effective camera technology is introduced, yesterday’s technological innovation is today’s equivalent of a rusty lock. But with periodic software upgrades and new cameras to replace outdated models, you can be sure your home security system sits on the absolute cutting edge.

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