HeatingElectric Furnace Repair Differs from Gas Furnace Repair

November 13, 2017


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We tend to get a lot of furnace repair calls this time of year, which is actually a positive thing. People in the area have had good cause to run their heaters already, which can give them an idea if anything’s wrong. And spotting those problems now gives you a chance to get the issue repaired before fall turns to winter, and the weather gets cold enough to demand serious use of your heating system. If you suspect a problem with your furnace—anything marked as out-of-the-ordinary—you should turn it off and call in a repair service immediately.

Having said that, not all furnaces are the same and some require different methods to repair. Gas furnaces, for example, operate according to different principles and thus require different skills to address. Make sure the repair service you call has the skills necessary to handle whatever the issue might be.

Gas Furnaces

Gas furnaces tend to be found most often in cities with a municipal gas service, or rural areas with access to gas sources like propane. The gas feeds a series of burners, which in turn heat an exchanger that warms the air above it. That air can then be blown into the home with a fan.

Gas furnaces benefit from less expensive operating costs, since natural gas tends to be cheaper than electricity to use. On the other hand, it costs more to install, and when trouble arises, it tends to shut the system down completely (since a gas leak or similar issue can be extremely dangerous). That makes it easy to spot, but more difficult to fix.

Gas furnace technicians should be versed in the make and model of your system as well as working with gas lines and similar appliances.

Electric Furnaces

Electric furnaces don’t need gas lines to operate, which makes them practical for rural households. They’re inexpensive to install, but they tend to cost more to run: using electricity to generate radiant heat (in most cases) that warms the whole space gradually. They have the benefit of fewer moving parts, however, which means they’re often less prone to breakdowns. (They tend to last much longer as well.)

This makes repairs less expensive on the whole, or least comparatively simple to address. That means repairs tend to take place much more quickly and can be resolved with fewer safety concerns. But electric furnaces require an electrician’s skills to really address, and a furnace repair company that also offers specialized electrical repair is likely a good fit.


Regardless of which system you use, you still have certain expectations from the company you contact. They should be available on short notice 24 hours day, and respond before the lack of heat causes problems. And they should stand by all their work with up-front estimates and guaranteed results, ensuring that you are always happy with the work they do.

For gas and electric furnace repair services in Lenexa, KS and elsewhere, call the pros at MVP Electric, Heating & Cooling today!

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