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December 11, 2017


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Temperatures in Kansas tend to be all over the map this time of year, but we all know that freezing weather will soon be settling in for a good long stay. Your heating system is going to be put to the test every day, and with the snows falling outside, keeping your home warm and comfortable is more than just a luxury. When the system runs into trouble, you can’t afford to wait for repairs. The sooner you can get a problematic furnace fixed, the better.

Common Signs

Most homes in the area rely on forced air furnaces for heat: generating heat in a single place (either through electrical coils or gas-fed burners) and distributing the hot air through the home with a series of ducts. When problems arise, you can spot them either through noticing something in the furnace itself, or by checking the vents to note the quality of the air coming through. Common signs of a problem can include the following:

  • Low Heat Levels. Cold air from the vents is a good sign of a problem, but the same thing can happen if the air is warm, just not as warm as you expect. Low heat levels force the furnace to work harder than it should and can cause additional problems to crop up quickly.
  • Strange Noises. Strange noises mean anything that you don’t recognize as part of the furnace’s normal ability to function: rattles, moans, hums whistles and the like. In most cases, the noises will start and stop in time with the starting and stopping of the furnace.
  • Low Air Flow. Blockages, breaches, and other problems can reduce the flow of air through the vents. This is a problem for the same reason that low heat levels are a problem: it forces the furnace to work harder than it should. It also causes issues by keeping heated air trapped in the furnace. That, in turn, can cause other components to overheat (though in most cases the furnace will shut down automatically before the damage becomes severe).

Don’t Hesitate

Once you spot these signs, or any sign that things aren’t right with your furnace, there is no reason to wait. Taking care of the problem now means you won’t have to deal with it later in the winter when your need for reliable heating will be much greater. Furthermore, doing so now will likely reduce the cost of repairs, since the damage won’t have as much time to spread.

And there are times when you may need to act more swiftly. During cold nights or weekends where a cold front is moving in, you simply can’t wait until morning or Monday to schedule repairs. If you do, your home could resemble an ice box and your family’s health may be at risk. That is why you should look for repair services that can perform emergency repairs anytime, day or night.

Call on the friendly professionals at MVP Electric, Heating & Cooling for furnace repairs throughout Shawnee, KS.

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