HeatingFurnace Repair Services Must Approach Different Systems Differently

December 25, 2017


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Furnace repair services are becoming increasingly common as the weather gets colder and we start the first week of winter. Now is the ideal time to check your system for signs of trouble and call a repair service if you spot a problem with it. This allows you to treat the issue before it gets any worse and ensures that it won’t cause further trouble later on in the winter. (It also tends to be less expensive than repairs conducted later in the season, since the issue hasn’t had as much time to cause further damage.)

A good furnace repair service will respond quickly to any calls for heating repair, even if it arrives in the middle of the night or on weekends. But a great repair service will do more. Just as every home is different, so too is every heating system unique: tailored to address the specific issues of your home. Quality furnace repair services will take the specific factors of your furnace into account, and thus improve the efficiency of their repairs a great deal. What kind of factors? We’ve provided a brief sampling below:


All furnaces come with a warranty, designed to cover the cost of any original parts that may need to be replaced. A good technician will always check to make sure the warranty is still in effect, which will make drastic changes to the nature of the repair. If it’s an older system with an expired warranty, the technician may discuss replacement options with you, depending on the extent (and frequency) of the repair.


When a repair is made, it has to be made to last, without coming back to haunt you a few weeks or months down the line. That involves a number of factors, including identifying the part in question and checking the past repair history of the system as a whole. (This is one of the reasons why it pays to go with the same service anytime you have a heating problem: it allows the technician to better access past repairs.) That can help the technician to decide whether the component in question can be repaired, or if it has experienced too many problems and is in need of replacing.

The Extent of the Damage

Depending upon the particular make and model of the furnace, a given problem may extend to multiple components or systems. Each model of heater is built slightly differently, and common repair issues can often involve recurring problems that will affect systems differently. A service with experience in a wide array of systems—and specifically a service with the support of the manufacturers of those particular systems—will be able to determine the full extent of any damage, and make repairs that last instead of dealing with the issue in a more piecemeal fashion.

If your furnace is in need of repairs in Lenexa, KS, don’t trust the service to just anyone. Call on the pros at MVP Electric, Heating & Cooling today for superior furnace repair services.

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