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Serving the Greater Kansas City Area


Serving the Greater Kansas City Area


Is Winter Too Late to Schedule Heating Maintenance?

The period when HVAC contractors advise homeowners to arrange for annual heating system inspections and tune-ups is the fall. This helps homes get a head start on the winter weather, and it’s always a good idea to schedule maintenance for a system during the time right before it’s expected to take on the most work.

However, if you didn’t have heating maintenance done this fall, you shouldn’t simply skip it and wait for fall to come around again. Missing even a year of maintenance can create serious issues with a heater, such as…

Heightened safety concerns

Any heating system can turn into a safety problem if it’s neglected. But the worries are higher when it comes to natural gas-powered heaters, such as gas furnaces, the most common type of heating system found in homes in the U.S. Maintenance takes care of the crucial task of inspecting the components that can fail and lead to health hazards due to carbon monoxide leaks and explosions.

Higher chance of emergency breakdowns

You never want to place your heater at an elevated risk of suddenly failing during a very cold day. (And heaters are most likely to break down when working their hardest, i.e. on those very cold days.) To avoid an emergency repair call and a long period waiting in an ice box of a house, arrange to have the heating system maintained as soon as you can—even in winter.

Reduced lifespan

This is a longer term concern, but still an important one. A heater can only reach its manufacturer’s expected service life if it receives annual care to reduce the effects of aging and general wear and tear. Replacing a heating system is expensive, and you want to receive the most service as possible from your current comfort system before you need to retire it.

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