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Serving the Greater Kansas City Area


Serving the Greater Kansas City Area


Late Winter Issues You May Encounter with Your Gas Furnace

We’re now in the final lap of winter, with a month left before the official start of spring. This doesn’t mean that we’re safe from cold weather, however, as even early spring can inflict some chilly days on us. Keep in mind that the furnace in your home has already put in a great amount of work over the last few months: plenty of wear-and-tear on it can mean trouble during these last cold spells. Below we’ve listed three common performance troubles you may see with a gas furnace at this time.

I. Blocked gas burners

The burners where the gas jets ignite to create heat for the furnace can develop dirt and grime along their surface during the winter (especially if the furnace’s filter isn’t cleaned or changed regularly; see II below). This layer of dirt will make it harder for the jets to ignite. If you notice a delay when the furnace is supposed to fire, or you hear a loud “booming” noise when the furnace comes on, you probably should have the burners professionally cleaned.

II. Clogged air filter

The air filter protects the interior of the furnace cabinet from damage due to debris that comes through the return air ducts. It only takes a month for the filter to become clogged and start to restrict air flow. This will result in the furnace overworking. It will also trap excess heat inside the furnace, leading to the limit switch shutting the furnace off. Make sure that you change or clean the filter once a month in winter.

III. Failing bower fan motor

A squirrel-cage motor powers the blower fan that’s responsible for sending air through the heat exchanger of the furnace (raising the temperature of the air) and then into the ventilation system. This motor can wear down over time, especially if it lacks lubrication or is covered with dust. If the motor burns out, it will need to be replaced. Pay attention to mechanical grinding or shrieking noises that can indicate that the motor needs attention. If the fan doesn’t work, you won’t get any heated air in the house!

Always turn to professionals, like the team at MVP Electric, Heating & Cooling, when you need gas furnace repair in Olathe, KS.

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