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March 5, 2018


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As we approach the end of heating season, furnace repair jobs tend to take a big spike. Heating systems have needed to run throughout the ups and downs of our wild Kansas weather, and daily use for months is common during the winter. That means that furnaces–especially older furnaces–tend to run into trouble during the final weeks of the season, and repairs are not at all unusual.

Because we’re approaching the end of the season and your furnace may not be in use for that much longer, enterprising do-it-yourselfers may be tempted to fix problems with their furnaces themselves. That is a mistake. Repairing a furnace requires formal training, and while a given homeowner can do some basic troubleshooting–such as checking the thermostat and the breaker box to see if the problem is easily correctable–you should always call in a trained repair service if that doesn’t restore power to the system.

There are a number of good reasons for this. We’ve listed a few of the most important ones below.

Training and Experience

Furnaces are extremely complicated pieces of equipment, and chances are the average homeowner hasn’t ever looked at the system in a serious way. Indeed, most furnaces don’t run into trouble more than a handful of times at the most, which simply doesn’t provide an adequate basis for properly diagnosing the system. It’s not simply a question of downloading a YouTube video or checking a manual somewhere. The system requires a specific set of skills, which is what you pay for when you call in a professional repair service.

While Kansas doesn’t have any formal requirements for becoming a technician, any repair service worth its salt will make sure that their technicians have the full array of skills and experience to handle repair jobs. They deal with specific issues on a weekly basis, which allows them to quickly and accurately diagnose the issue and perform proper repairs.

Safety and Insurance

One of the biggest reasons why you should always trust a professional is the safety factor. Furnaces contains gas lines and other components that could be dangerous if you aren’t familiar with them. The good news is that modern furnaces tend to have safety features that will turn the system off in the event of a gas leak or similar problem. The bad news is that you’ll still need to get the issue fixed. That, in turn, illustrates one of the other big reasons for not engaging in repairs yourself. If you cause any more damage while trying to fix the problem, you’re on the hook for additional repairs. Contrast that with a professional, who can offer up-front estimates before work begins and is bonded and insured to prevent you from having to pay any extra in case the unexpected takes place.

If you need furnace repairs for your Olathe, KS home, don’t attempt to perform them yourself. Instead, call on the friendly pros at MVP Electric, Heating & Cooling to get them fixed the right way!

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