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July 8, 2021


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As a general rule, most homes have the highest concentration of plumbing fixtures in two areas. These
are the kitchen, and the bathroom. While one may not be more important than the other, we would go
so far as to say that the inconvenience of having a non-working toilet in the house may be a bigger
inconvenience than not being able to use the kitchen sink for a day or two. Neither is great, of course.

This is exactly why it’s so important to be aware of some common signs of trouble with bathroom
plumbing systems. There is no way to completely avoid bathroom plumbing issues- they are going to
pop up occasionally. No one’s luck is that good. However, catching problems with your bathroom
plumbing early on is definitely your best bet for minimizing the effects of these potential problems. Let
us know if you have any bathroom plumbing concerns!


That running toilet can be a serious problem!

Normally there’s water in the tank, and the toilet is flushing. That means everything is just fine, right?
But what if the toilet is also running constantly? Well, that means everything is definitely not just fine! If
you are serious about keeping your plumbing system fully and completely operational, you need take
these seemingly insignificant things seriously. These problem are not minor enough to ignore! Let’s chat
about the repercussions of living with a running toilet?

Well, there are several of them, but the biggest concern is that it is costing you money! That water is
simply being wasted. You wouldn’t leave a faucet running all day would you? And you get the pleasure
of paying for it. Stop pouring your hard earned money down the drain. Instead, take these steps to see
if you can solve the issue. Check to see if the flapper at the bottom of the tank is damaged or out of
alignment. Check to make sure that all bolts are tightly fastened at the base. If after that you cannot
find an obvious cause of the running toilet? Then give MVP a call and let our pros handle it.

Leaks are not always easy to identify

The bathroom is a tricky area to diagnose small leaks sometimes. That is because if there is a little bit of water on the bathroom floor, there are a ton of different reasons why it may be there, right? Perhaps the kids didn’t dry off enough when getting out of the tub. Maybe Dad turned the water on too hard when washing his hands. It could simply be some condensation that pooled after dripping off the toilet.

All of those things could definitely be the case. Or, you may also have a leak on your hands. If that water
keeps reappearing, it’s time to stop writing it off as insignificant and look deeper into it. There are
literally hundreds of places for potential for leaks in the bathroom. Our pros know how to hunt down
the root cause and repair it appropriately.

Leave the Drain Clogs to Our Plumbers!

If there is one plumbing service that DIY’ers seem to love to get into it is, it’s the clogged rain. I’m not
going to pull any punches- Those chemical drain cleaners you can purchase at the hardware store are
caustic chemicals that will rarely do a very thorough job of clearing out a clog. They are hard on your
skin and sometimes, depending on your sewer system, can actually be harmful to your system

Our plumbers have the tools and expertise to clear that clog. Tools like augers, snakes, jetters, etc can
effectively clear drains and to keep them clear. So if you have a drain running slow or your tub or sinks
are clogged, and we’ll clear them out for long lasting results.


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