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Just as the name indicates, a ductless heating system doesn’t require any ducts to operate. And while there may be other types of heating systems you can install that don’t require ducts, such as portable electric heaters that plug into the wall, a ductless heating system offers many advantages. It’s a highly efficient, whole-home heating solution, and it doubles as an air conditioner! Ductless heating installation and service is a job for professionals, as it involves heavy equipment, precise measurements, and several components that must be in place for the unit to run properly.

Call the friendly people at MVP Electric, Heating & Cooling to talk about how you can benefit by choosing one of our professionals to install your new unit or service your older one. We have NATE-certified heating installation specialists on staff, who will install each and every portion of your unit with care. We want your system to last for many years to come, which is why we thoroughly inspect our work with each installation or service visit.

MVP Electric, Heating & Cooling provides comprehensive ductless heating services in Kansas City, MO, and the surrounding areas. Give us a call today to schedule a service appointment.

How Ductless Heating Works

A ductless heating system has two main components: the outside compressor unit and the indoor air handler. The indoor air handler is installed high up on a wall, and for a single room or a small apartment, you should only need one. But for an entire home, several indoor units are necessary for different areas of the house. The main components of the ductless heating and cooling system connect to one another as refrigerant continuously cycles through every component. The refrigerant absorbs heat from your home in the warmer months, which then disperses outside. In the summertime, the refrigerant absorbs heat from the outdoors in order to move it inside.

The Benefits of Ductless Heating Systems

The primary benefit of a ductless heating system is that it doesn’t involve ducts. Ducts contribute to quite a bit of energy loss from month to month, and the United States Environment Protection Agency estimates that the majority of ducts contribute to up to 30% of heating and cooling losses. Most ducts have small holes and cracks that add up to a significant decrease in efficiency, so renovating your home to include ducts may not be worth the trouble.

Furthermore, ductless mini splits have built-in zone control. Because there are multiple units located around the house, you can control the temperature of any single indoor unit without affecting the temperature of other rooms and zones. This means that family members can adjust the temperature in any zone to their own comfort levels in one area without upsetting your desired settings. Furthermore, these units are rated highly for efficiency during both the heating and cooling seasons.

Call Our Team for Ductless Heating Services

Of course, any ducted or ductless heating system will require repair eventually. While ductless systems have long lifespans, any trouble with the unit indicates the need for immediate repair. Some common ductless repairs include refrigerant leaks, loose hardware, dirty coils, and electrical trouble. Any of these problems can eventually force the unit to breakdown, so call our team for repairs as soon as possible.

Count on the MVP Electric, Heating & Cooling team when you decide that ductless heating is right for you or if you’d like to schedule service for your existing ductless system in Kansas City, MO. With proper maintenance and professional attention, this innovative system can keep you comfortable for years to come.

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