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Are you having difficulty with your existing circuit breaker or indoor lighting? Are you constructing a new home from scratch and want to make sure that your entire electrical system is taken care of properly the first time? When it comes to comprehensive electrical services in Kansas City, MO, Overland Park, KS, and the entire KC metro, you can rely on our highly trained team at all times. Contact a friendly electrician on our team today to get started.

MVP Electric, Heating & Cooling offers professional electrician services in Kansas City, MO, and the surrounding areas of the KC metro. Give us a call or fill out our quick form to work with an electrician today!

Why You Need to Hire a Professional Electrician

For the intrepid do–it–yourselfers among us, the prospect of calling for help just feels wrong. We understand this completely. However, when it comes to your electrical system, you simply cannot take care of this job yourself. Only a professionally trained and certified electrician should handle your wiring installation, circuit breaker replacement, indoor lighting, outdoor lighting repair, or anything else that might arise. We’re exactly the company for the job. 

As you can see below, there is little that we do not do when it comes to servicing electrical systems and products for our community. We employ Master Electricians who are well equipped to deal with just about anything, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us today, whether you need a quick repair, a complete overhaul, or just a new product to make your domestic life a bit safer and/or convenient. Contact our Kansas City electricians if you need one of the following services: 

An attic fan can do wonders for your energy bill. By ventilating the hottest part of the home during the summer, you can cut down on cooling costs substantially. We install and service attic fans for properties throughout the Kansas City, MO area.

We install and service ceiling fans for our clientele, and we can do the same for you. A ceiling fan is a welcome addition to any stuffy home, and it can also relieve your HVAC system of heating and cooling in order to improve energy efficiency.

MVP Offers Quality Electrical Contractor Services in the KC Area

Carbon Monoxide & Smoke Detectors – Carbon monoxide is a serious concern for all homeowners, and it’s absolutely critical that you have a series of carbon monoxide detectors installed at proper locations throughout the home. We can make sure that you have just that. In addition to protecting your home from dangerous fumes, we can also help you with the installation of a WiFi or Smart smoke detector as well. It’s one of the most essential parts of any home’s safety, and we will take care of it for you, whether you need a new installation or replacement in Kansas City. 

Circuit Breaker Services – The circuit breaker is one of the most important parts of your electrical system. Whether you need a new one installed from scratch or your existing one replaced, our electricians are here to assist you.

Home Wiring / Rewiring Services – You need to make sure that your electrical wiring is safe to operate and capable of handling your power needs. We offer comprehensive electrical wiring services throughout the Kansas City, MO area, whether you need installation, repair, or replacement.

Whole-Home Generators – A whole house generator is far better than a portable unit. Not only will it give you the ability to power nearly everything at your home during an outage, but it can also be configured to turn on automatically the second you lose power.

GFCI Outlet Installation – A GFCI outlet is designed to prevent electrocution. It’s a requirement in areas of the home such as the kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room as well as outdoors. We can make sure that your GFCI outlet installation goes exactly according to plan.

Whole-Home Surge Protection – No, we’re not talking about power strips. Whole house surge protection is the most comprehensive way to protect your electronics and appliances from surges. Call MVP Electric, Heating & Cooling today for all of your electrical service needs in Kansas City, MO.

MVP Air Conditioning, Heating, Electric

The Key Benefits of Hiring an Experienced & Local Kansas City Electrician

1. Safety While Fixing/Repairing- Everybody knows that working with electricity can be dangerous if not approached by someone with the right expertise and caution. If you find yourself uncertain, don’t hesitate to hire a local electrical contractor.

2. Safety In The Long-term- If an electrical repair job has been completely haphazardly or incorrectly, it can often lead to safety hazards in your home, including fires, electric shocks, and other dangers you don’t want in your home.

3. The Job Is Done Correctly- Get things done right the first time by calling a local electrician who actually knows what they’re doing; otherwise, you might end up wasting time and money trying to fix it yourself and getting nowhere.

4. Education and Specialized Knowledge- When you hire a Kansas City electrician, it’s almost guaranteed they’ll have experience and on-the-job training to utilize. Before hiring, check into their background to ensure their business is insured, licensed & bonded.

5. Saves You Money- The truth is, if you carry out a DIY electrical project, your mistakes can cost you more than what you’d have paid for a professional to come in and resolve the issue in the first place. Just hire a professional the first time.

6. Expert Troubleshooting- If you’re having trouble with your electrical system, you may not have enough understanding of the way your system works to fix the problem on your own. A professional electrical contractor will often be able to quickly find the problem and solve it with minimal frustration.

7. Avoid Getting In Over Your Head- Tinkering with electricity in your home or business can quickly become complicated. You may find yourself getting into other systems and circuits which you hadn’t even thought existed, and could end up making your problems much worse, costing you a lot more in future repairs.

Contact MVP at 913-322-0868 for professional electricians & electrical contractors in Kansas City!

Frequently Asked Questions About Electrical Repair

See some of our top electrical FAQs that our Kansas City electricians hear often and are happy to help answer.

Can I Do My Own Home Electrical Repairs & Do I Need To Hire An Electrician?

Unfortunately, home electrical fires claim hundreds of lives each year and injure thousands more, according to the U.S. Fire Administration. Incorrectly installed or faulty wiring causes most of these fires. Your home’s electrical system is complicated and easily made do-it-yourself mistakes could be deadly.

Most electrical repair jobs are best left to professional electrical contractors since licensed electricians are knowledgeable about both building codes and national safety standards and they provide peace of mind by guaranteeing their work in your home.

How Can I Tell What Is Tripping My Circuit Breaker?

As the summer or winter months roll around in the KC metro, you probably start to experience more power outages than usual. In fact, these are the times of the year when the experts at MVP receive the most calls from the community. Your first option is to check your home’s circuit breaker box. The rows and rows of switches make it almost impossible to guess which one is linked to which appliance, so naturally, most people just flip the switches that are out of alignment to get everything working again. However, we should warn you this doesn’t always solve your problem, and it can be helpful to call a local electrician.

How Can I Save Money On My Monthly Electric Bill?

By changing your day-to-day habits, you can easily downsize your monthly electric bill. Here are a few small steps that will make a big impact on your pocketbook over time:

  • Get energy-efficient light bulbs. Fluorescent lights may cost more initially, but they have a longer shelf life & use less energy.
  • Turn off or unplug all appliances when they are not being used.
  • Program or adjust your thermostat so your air conditioner or heater is only on when you or your family are at home. This small change can add up to at least $100 in annual savings.
  • If possible, replace appliances that are over 15 years old with more modern, energy-efficient ones.
  • Consider installing alternative sources of energy, like solar panels, which can reduce electric bills by 15 percent or more.

What Is A GFCI And Where Should They Be Installed?

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, proper use of ground fault circuit interrupters, or GFCIs, prevents thousands of accidental shock injuries and electrocutions each year. A GFCI looks like a normal outlet, except it includes a “Reset” and “Test” button. GFCI’s are designed to prevent electrical fires by cutting off the flow of electricity from the current that has strayed from a circuit. The National Electrical Code requires that GFCI’s be installed where electricity and water come into contact with one another (kitchens, bathrooms, outdoor receptacles, and garage wall outlets).

Why Does My House Have Flickering Lights Sometimes?

There could be several reasons, but you may need more branch circuits throughout the house, or you may have loose connections in the breaker box, meter box, or throughout your house. This could cause a potential fire, and we recommend having a local electrician come out to take a look and offer their expertise.

How Do I Know When An Electrical Outlet Needs To Be Repaired Or Replaced?

Damaged or loose electrical outlets are not only a nuisance; they are a fire hazard in your home. Electrical outlets definitely need to be repaired or replaced if:

  • A buzzing sound comes from the outlet, especially when plugging in appliances
  • Outlets generate sparks or have loose-fitting plugs
  • Outlet faces have burn marks

What Type Of Light Bulbs Are Recommended For Home And Business Fixtures?

Energy-efficient light bulbs not only save you money over time, but they also help reduce your carbon footprint. The most common type on the market today is the compact fluorescent light (CFL). CFLs last up to 13 times longer and emit less heat than incandescent bulbs. In addition, these energy-saving light bulbs can cut 25 percent off of your electric bill every year, and they come in shapes and sizes to fit a variety of home and business fixtures.

How Do I Help Keep My Family, Children & Pets Safe From Electrical Injury?

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission reports that approximately 2,400 children a year receive emergency room treatment for injury from electrical shock. The natural curiosity of children and pets presents a major safety concern for parents, but following the tips below can keep your family and pets safe from injury.

  • Place durable covers on all unused outlets.
  • Keep home appliances out of the reach of toddlers or pets.
  • Put a safety lock cover over power strips or surges to prevent small children from placing fingers in outlets.
  • Close doors to rooms with multiple electrical devices, such as hobby rooms or offices.

What Do I Do After I Reset My Home’s Breaker Box, But Still Have No Power?

If you don’t have power after correctly resetting a circuit breaker, it may be a sign that the breaker is overloaded or that there is a short circuit or faulty wiring to blame. MVP’s certified and licensed electricians in KC both inspect and test circuits to diagnose the problem. Breakers do wear out over time. If a replacement breaker box is needed, we are happy to install a robust system with a new breaker panel and overload correction.

Where Can I Find More Info About Electrical Safety?

Electrical-related injuries claim the lives of hundreds of people each year. Many of these cases could have been prevented, so it’s important to educate yourself about electrical safety precautions. For helpful information about protecting yourself and your family from electrical issues and dangers, the team at MVP recommends you visit:

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