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Circuit Breakers

Living in this modern age means that homeowners have access to countless resources designed to make their lives more comfortable and convenient. You may notice that many of the appliances and devices that you use to do so are all powered by electricity. From your water heater to your furnace, television set, central air conditioner, and many other appliances and electronics, it is electricity that allows them to serve their function.

With this in mind, it should be clear just how important it is that your electrical system performs effectively and reliably. It is also important that it performs safely, of course. After all, for the many benefits that using electricity in your home has to offer, it can still be dangerous if your electrical system is in poor working condition. Schedule your circuit breaker services in Kansas City, MO with MVP Electric, Heating & Cooling to ensure that your breaker box is able to do its job properly, protecting your safety while you reap the benefits of using electricity conveniently throughout your home.

MVP Electric, Heating & Cooling provides professional circuit breaker services and other electrical services in Kansas City, MO, and the surrounding areas. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

What is a Breaker Box?

While some people may refer to circuit breakers as breaker boxes, this is actually not quite right. A breaker box, or breaker panel, is a component in your electrical system which breaks up the electrical feed servicing your home into separate circuits. The circuit breaker itself is a device within this panel that regulates the number of amperes sent throughout your electrical wiring. These breakers come in different sizes, with some appliances requiring a larger circuit breaker in order to handle the amount of electricity that these appliances require in order to function. When you open your breaker box, you will see the individual breaker switches which you may need to reset from time to time.

What Purpose Do Circuit Breakers Serve?

We’ve described above that circuit breakers regulate the amps running through the electrical wiring in your home. This is a vital safety feature that can protect your electronics and appliances, as well as your wiring and your personal safety itself. When a power surge occurs, the circuit breaker servicing that particular circuit in your electrical system will trip. This means that it turns from the on position to off. You will have to open up your breaker box in order to reset the circuit. Modern circuit breakers require only the flip of a switch to do so, making them much safer and more convenient than older fuse boxes.

Hire a Professional to Install and Service Your Electrical Panel

We hope that this goes without saying, but any electrical panel services that you may need, from upgrading your old fuse box to a modern electrical panel, or any repairs that your existing electrical panel may require, must be completed by a qualified electrician. The risk of electric shocks or even of electrocution, as well as damage to your electrical system or the devices wired into it, is just too high for a novice to attempt to service an electrical panel. Your electrical system is in use each and every day, and you just cannot afford to leave something as vital to its successful operation as your electrical panel is in the hands of an unqualified individual.

Call MVP Electric, Heating & Cooling for Electrical Box Services and Upgrades

By working with the professional electricians at MVP Electric, Heating & Cooling, you can rest assured in knowing that your electrical box, and the breakers therein, is in fine working condition. We’ll position your box conveniently in your home for easy access, and we will ensure that electricity flows throughout your electrical wiring system safely and effectively. Don’t risk overloaded circuits and frequently tripped breakers. Instead, make sure that your circuit breaker is functioning optimally by hiring us for all of your service needs in Kansas City.

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