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Your sewage line is almost certainly the biggest drain in your entire house. Its massive presence, unfortunately, also leaves it open to several significant issues, whether they’re from construction flaws, old age, or catastrophic events.

Our Kansas City sewer line repair services can address any of these major sewage problems:

  • Pipe and sewer backup or blockage
  • Cracks, breaks, and joint leaks
  • Sinking or bellied pipes
  • Corrosion and rust damage
  • Weather damage
  • Warped or misaligned pipes
  • Tree root damage

Common Signs of a Broken Sewer Pipe

Going too long without Kansas City sewer line repair can make all of these problems infinitely worse. There are, however, a few easily observable signs that may indicate that your sewer system pipes need fixing:

  • Strange, gurgling sounds coming from your toilet, sink, or tub drains
  • Low water levels in your toilet bowl
  • Extremely slow draining in your bathtub (or total failure to drain)
  • Obvious sewage backup in your toilet, tub, or sinks
  • A strong sewer odor in your basement, backyard, or other areas in the house
  • Greener patches of grass around sewage pipes compared to other areas of your lawn
  • Drenched or flooded areas of your lawn

Call For Professional Kansas City Sewer Line Repairs & Save Yourself Money

Our technicians have extensive knowledge and years of experience to help you decide upon the best solution when your sewage system needs repairs or upgrade, and we back all our work with a 5-year, transferable warranty. Call or contact MVP today for an estimate!

Introducing the Sewer Report Card from the plumbing professionals at MVP! Get a comprehensive overview on how your sewer system is performing and what we can do to improve it.

Contact MVP today for local and professional sewer repair and replacement services and plumbers in Kansas City!

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