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Zone Control System

Sometimes, a member of your household wants to raise or lower the temperature beyond your desired level, and one of you must settle so that the other can feel comfortable. Most homeowners have been in this type of situation, but wouldn’t it be nice if everyone in the home could control the temperature in their own rooms without upsetting the other members of the family? With a zone control system, you can do just that, since each room or zone of their home gets its own thermostat.

Our professionals can install a new zone control system for you, so that your heating and cooling system performs just as you’d like—and so that you can save a bit of money from month to month. The MVP Electric, Heating & Cooling team will also show you how to operate your new zone control system for maximum efficiency. Call us today for zone control installation or service in Kansas City, MO from a team you can trust.

MVP Electric, Heating & Cooling provides professional zone control system services in Kansas City, MO and the surrounding areas.

The Advantages of a Zone Control System

Perhaps the most obvious benefit of a zone control system is that you won’t have to sacrifice your own comfort to accommodate somebody else. But there are actually many other noticeable cost benefits as well. For example, you can shut off or lower the heat in rooms that go unoccupied throughout the day to save on your overall heating costs. Simply program the thermostat to turn the heater back on in these rooms as people arrive home from work or school.

Furthermore, a zone control system can help to alleviate hot or cold spots in the home. It’s difficult for a heating and cooling system to maintain an even temperature throughout the home, especially in a large multi-story home or one with unique architectural features. A room with large windows, for example, may always seem warmer in the day time, but with a zone control system, you can set the temperature in this room individually so that the temperature feels consistent throughout the house.

How to Get Zone Control Heating and Zone Control Cooling

Zone control heating and cooling installation is an involved process that will take up a portion of the day. Your technician has to access the ducts and usually needs to use special equipment to cut a hole into the ducts in order to insert a damper. The technician will install a damper in each area of the home, which will open and close as you adjust the temperature to allow more or less air into the home. Each damper is wired to its own thermostat and to a master thermostat in a central location that controls the temperature of the entire house.

Call Us Today for Zone Heating and Cooling Services

Zone heating and cooling systems contain moving and electrical parts that may need maintenance from time to time. Schedule zone control maintenance as part of your annual HVAC system tune-up, and make sure to schedule repairs if it does not seem to operate properly. At MVP Electric, Heating & Cooling we can take care of any problem with the zone control system and offer repair or replacement services. Count on us for quality work from skilled contractors in Kansas City, MO.

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